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Part 2: Guide to living in this earth.

This book is a brief guide to living in this earth. It consists of four chapters.

The first chapter explains that the divine way of life is from Islam; we then ask?

  • Is the Qur’an truly the word from our CREATOR, revealed by the Prophet?
  • Is Muhammad PBUH truly a prophet sent down by our CREATOR?
  • Is Islam truly way of life or religion from our CREATOR?
  1. What Islam Is?
    • What is IMAN?
    • Who is IHSAN?
  2. General information on Islam.
    • Explanation AL-Quran for parent and Children In Islam
    • Explanation AL-QURAN for Women in Islam
    • Importance of Wearing the Hijab for Women
    • Social Benefits of Wearing the Hijab for Women
    • Scientific benefits of wearing the Hijab
    • Husbands are guardians of their families
  3. Introduction MUSLIM.
  4. Who is MUSLIM?