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Guide to living in this earth

Islamic Man

Part 16: Who Is Muslim?

We have to consequent condition respect to Islam completely with IMAN and IHSAN forHuman being or Humankind, because Muslim is…. “Purpose of live for humankind or Being who have Intellect”. Being a Muslim is the… Read More »Part 16: Who Is Muslim?

Who is ihsan

Part 8: Who is IHSAN?

IHSAN. In Islam, Ihsan is the Muslim responsibility to obtain perfection, or excellence, in worship, such that Muslims try to worship God as if they see Him, and although they cannot see him, they undoubtedly… Read More »Part 8: Who is IHSAN?


Part 7: What is IMAN?

IMAN means faith. Generally, Iman includes faith in fundamental issues of Islam. The phrase ‘human values’ means values related to men in society. It means that human values imply only those features and qualities that… Read More »Part 7: What is IMAN?