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Part 13: Scientific benefits of wearing Hijab

Wearing Hijab protects the heat from the body being lost. Medical tests show that 40-60% heat is lost through the head so wearing a head covering in cold months is very important from the health perspective.

A head covering is very important for hygienic purpose too as mentioned above all public should wear Hijab or head-covering workers serving society to ensure cleanliness and purity. Work wear “veils” – nurses, fast food workers, restaurant workers and servers, doctors, health care providers and many more. Keep your hair pollution free when you cover your head. Hijab protects the hair from dust and direct exposure to sunlight that may damage the hair.

Keeping most of your skin shielded from the sun’s harmful rays the most of the time, preserves your bodies largest organ and keeps it wrinkle free for much longer while wearing hijab and covering the face. Wearing Hijab does not have demerits and those who wear it have more strength and confidence.

We as Muslim women should make a practice to wear hijab so that we can obey the Almighty Allah and can earn blessings from Him in both worlds. Women who wear Hijab Almighty Allah give them respect as well as keep them pious and free from any disturbance.

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