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By Nurman Syarif

Guide to living in this earth.

Living Islam

ISLAM is the divine way of life that was sent down by Allah our Creator though his Prophets or Messengers, men who conveyed upon us the Truth about the Purpose of life for people who have belief and who have the intellect. It is only Allah our Creator who can put that light in a person’s heart to believe

Islamic Guide

Humans are accountable, our Maker gave us intellect which is not free, yes we can choos good or bad, and because intellect is mankind’s greatest trait, it’s misuse can make us worse than animals. So if Muslims use their intellect, Muslim can become role models for human being no doubt, but that is not necessarily the case today.

Composed by

Nurman Syarif

I hope this book will not only be read, but absorbed and lead to Hidayah & Taufiq. Inshaallah

“Thank you”

With sincerity