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Part 12: Social Benefits of Wearing Hijab for Women.

Women veiling has generally observed a modest Muslim style of dressing offers so many social benefits which we will discuss.

Protects from Male Harassment: The woman who wears Hijab attracts less attention of lustful eyes than the woman walking openly. Men view the Hijab like a sign that says off limits and thus do not approach such women.

Muslim women, by and large, have a low chance of being exploited for their femininity and beauty in contrast with other women who are not wearing Hijab. It shows that no other man has the right to seek pleasure from them as she is blessed for her husband only.

Hijab Represents Purity: The women veiling is viewed as an indication of dignity and purity. It highlights Muslim women as subdued and pure women. Actually, the Hijab acts like a screen Hijab increased self-esteem: Women veiling in Islam between modest Muslim women and the world’s evil. By wearing hijab a woman feels safe and protected.

Wearing Hijab eliminates competition amongst women: The hijab cuts down on competition among women. In Islam, Women are appreciated for their knowledge, piety, and contribution to society. When women wear hijab one finds that the most beautiful women are not necessarily the most 23 23 popular. Rather, not just superficial physical traits.

By wearing hijab, Muslim women can go about their normal duties without worrying about impressing other people. Women veiling places focus on intellect: Hijab benefits Muslim women by forcing people, particularly men, to focus on the women’s intellect. Comparatively assessing woman for her mind, while the society usually appraises her based on physical traits, not her intellect.

A woman is assessed for her mind, and kind of prevents us from buying too heavily into fashion and placing too much importance on outer appearance. We just happily wear as we believe that Allah Almighty has instructed and get on with life. Hygienic Purposes: All public should wear Hijab or headcovering workers serving society to ensure cleanliness and purity.

Workers in a number of professions wear “veils” – nurses, fast food workers, restaurant workers and servers, doctors, health care providers and many more. So we can say Hijab has so many social benefits that we can get with pleasing Almighty Allah. We can earn blessings from Allah in both worlds in this life and hereafter too.

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