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Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Praise be to Allah SWT, Lord of the entire universe. This little book explains the true meaning of Islam. In Al-Quran Surah Al Imran 19, Allah says: “Indeed, the religion (which is pleasing) with Allah is only Islam. There is no difference between those who have been given the Book except after knowledge has come to them, because of the envy (that exists) between them.

Whoever disbelieves in the signs of Allah, and then indeed Allah is swift in reckoning. Thus, if in the sight of Allah only Islam, then what is Islam really? A question that is quite concise, but requires answers from various points of view in order to get a true and complete picture of Islam, because the word Islam is not repeated once or twice in the Qur’an.

Does the word Islam that is revealed in a number of verses of the Qur’an always refer to Islam as a religion that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad? Similarly, who deserves to be called a follower of “Islam”? The word Islam as a religion is mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah Al Maidah verse 3, which means: “Today I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My favor upon you, and have pleased Islam as a religion for you.” Then in Surah Ali Imran verse 9 which means: “Indeed the religion with Allah is only Islam.” Then it is also mentioned in Surah Ali Imran verse 85 which means: “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter.”

Terminologically (term, meaning) it can be said that Islam is a revealed religion with the core of monotheism or the oneness of God revealed by Allah SWT to the Prophet Muhammad SAW as His last messenger and applies to all humans, wherever and whenever, whose teachings cover all aspects of human life.

The revelation sent down by Allah SWT to His Messenger to be conveyed to all mankind throughout the ages and every era. A system of beliefs and rules that regulate all human life and livelihoods in various relationships: with God, fellow human beings, and other nature. Aims: the pleasure of Allah, mercy for all nature, happiness in this world and the hereafter.

Broadly speaking, it consists of aqidah, sharia and morals. Sourced from the Holy Qur’an which is a codification of Allah’s revelations as a complement to previous revelations interpreted by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Islamic terminology in language (literally) has several meanings. These meanings have to do with the source of the word “Islam” itself.

Islam consists of the basic letters (in Arabic): “Sin”, “Lam”, and “Mim”. Some words in Arabic that have the same basic letter as “Islam”, have a meaning related to Islam. From there we can know the meaning of Islam in language. So, the linguistic meanings of Islam include: Al istislam (surrender), As salamah (cleanliness), As Salam (safe and prosperous), As Silmu (peace), and Sullam (stairs, gradually, or tadaruj). a. Al- Istislam (surrender) Al-istislam also has the same basic letters as “Islam”, namely Sin, Lam, and Mim. So that Al isti Islam or surrender Alhamdulillah, this little book can be published as a short guide for us who live on this earth.

Tm-Pro DR. Eddy Syarif