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Part 15: Introduction MUSLIM

We live in this earth far a journey so we must have some sort of “GPS” from the mother’s womb, to the grave, to the Hereafter (our destination).

Question: What sort of “GPS”should we to have?

Being Muslim is the biggest blessing; we live in this world in to attempt to attain the highest degree of righteousness so that we conscious of ALLAH our Creator. Only a good Muslim seeks to look for truth, learn and practice what they have been taught, and try to uphold their morals to the best of their abilities.

“This means a Muslim is a Worshipper”.

Evidence- AL-BAQARA 163. Your god is one God. There is no deity (worthy of worship) except Him. The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. So theologically; the meaning of Muslim is a word under the banner of the one from Islam, which is wisdom from Allah. Even from our father Adam, Ibrahim and so on up to building the Ka’bah and the last a Prophet Muhammad PBUH, all of those are symbols the unity of the “Muslim Ummah”. Therefore generally speaking we can say all creation are worshiping Allah, because worship means to follow, love, respect, surrender, submit, obey and serve the Creator.

However Muslim obeys the will of the Creator. Allah through the Prophet Allah ordered to us to love all creation from animate to inanimate objects, so to do this we can also distinguish 2 characteristics of a Muslim.

  1. Habelum Minallah, the only submit all 7 attribute to the Creator that Allah which is follower, love, respect, surrender, submission, obedient and servitude.
  2. Habelum Minannas, Allah ordered to us same attribute to love and respect all creation, from animate to inanimate objects.

However other people Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Protestant, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, also secularism strands of religion was originally from Islam, including 72 of sectors of Islam which are Shiah, Sunni, Sufism, Islam Democratic, Islam Nusantara, Islam Liberal, Secularism and so on, there are ruination and destruction of Muslim from the wicked and careless interpretations of Islam from people who have agendas.

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