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What Islam Is

Part 3: What Islam Is

Allah our Creator have us 5 principles to live by as a guide: ISLAM is penetrate through AL-QUR’AN and Hadeeth. ISLAM is the divine way of life that was sent down by Allah our Creator… Read More »Part 3: What Islam Is

Guide to living on this earth

Part 2: Guide to living in this earth.

This book is a brief guide to living in this earth. It consists of four chapters. The first chapter explains that the divine way of life is from Islam; we then ask?

Part 1: Foreword

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Praise be to Allah SWT, Lord of the entire universe. This little book explains the true meaning of Islam. In Al-Quran Surah Al Imran 19, Allah says: “Indeed, the religion (which is… Read More »Part 1: Foreword